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    Alexandra Strunin, “Stranger”

    Old life: Eurovision vocalist with The Jet Set, auditioned by singing Celine Dion. Almost opened for Britney on the Circus tour. Recorded one album in 2008, Sasha, which is often decent, if spotty, if you’re amenable to Polish pop albums that at one point came from Eurovision, and if you skip the ballads.

    New life: Ditches “Sasha,” records under Alexandra, begins to resemble Blind Mag in Repo, puts out a phenomenal EP (Stranger, 2013), names her upcoming album the same thing Jenny Hval (Viscera, out later in 2014), ascends to my dark-dance pantheon. I don’t mean to over-romanticize this, pop-pop stars taking this sort of turn; the world’s Faye Hamlins turning to “Water Against the Rocks” and so on. But this is 

    RIYL: If you wish Margaret Berger’s “I Feed You My Love,” having been spurned by Eurovision, went interior and darker; if you’ve taken my infinite exhortions and listened to Lilian Hak (collaborator Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, is on this); Ladytron, but more the Mira Aroyo tracks; Garbage; music with claws. 

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    However, many people also resort to blurring sensitive numbers and text. I’ll illustrate why that is a BAD idea.

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    Fuck fear. Fuck making your [work] worse to make it appeal to a larger group of people at a less intense level.

    Kieron Gillen.

    emphasis mine. it’s easy, i think, to fixate on the “larger appeal” segment of this sentiment, but it’s the “less intense” that’s more of the key. you want to swing for the fences, you swing. you want to bunt, you bunt. don’t fight below your weight because you know you can. 

    know where you’re going. and go

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    these surveys are my favorite part of buying CDs used

    these surveys are my favorite part of buying CDs used

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    Erik Hassle, “Pathetic”

    Erik Hassle is one odd dude, and he can’t seem to record a video this cycle without some part of him quivering, but I am okay with singles that are this close to new jack swing revivalism.

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    Justine & The Victorian Punks, “Still You”

    Colette is a revered figure in New York avant-garde lore, if little-known outside of it.

    Born in Tunisia and raised in France, she has worked variously as a musician, film-maker, photographer, painter and performance artist over the past forty-odd years, but her most radical and notorious practice has been that of turning her own life into art, following a strange fictional narrative of her own making and assuming a number of different identities and personas. This process began in 1978 when Colette declared herself dead, held her funeral at the Mudd Club, and then resurrected herself as Justine.

    Justine hooked up with Peter Gordon and his Love of Life Orchestra – who were discovered by a new generation when James Murphy and Pat Mahoney’s included two of their tracks on their 2007 FabricLive mix – and set about recording new music, which they presciently christened “disco-punk”, under the name Justine and the Victorian Punks. Two tracks, ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and ‘Still You’, were recorded with engineer Jay Burnett (who later worked on Bambaataa’s ‘Planet Rock’) at Electric Lady Studios and released via Justine’s own Colette Is Dead Co. Ltd private press. Original copies are virtually impossible to get hold of.

    ‘Beautiful Dreamer’, conceived as the soundtrack for an installation piece of the same name, places Gordon’s saxophone centre stage, with Justine’s lullaby-like vocal bolstered by a mid-tempo disco beat and choral backing from Shelley Hirsch.  ‘Still You’ is a charming, killer-basslined cover of Lucio Battisti’s ‘Ancora Tu’, with Justine and Gordon exchanging spoken-word vocals.

    from Factmag

    Justine’s voice is incredibly sexy, a little slurred, a little babying, a lot flirtatious and just oozing out with sex appeal when she chuckles as she says, “Oh, well, it brings back memories.” This is almost heartbreaking intimate, like you’ve taken a time machine back to the best worst romance of your youth and you’re watching yourself do it all over again. Justine takes you to just that place, her hand on the crook of your arm, murmuring, “But to leave you is impossible, to leave you is just not possible. It’s still you, still you.” 

         0. (Couldn’t post this the other very-late-night as home wireless is farked)

    1. Neurons misfiring such that for a dizzying minute I contemplated a Sherlock-like updating of The Alexandria Quartet (which, gawd, wasn’t even published that long ago) in which everyone is in an arty band except Clea who does video installations or smth
    2. Are Italo Disco and its descendents PROVEN to be the best genre ever?  I have been listening to Please (which, hmm, this version of “Suburbia” is kind of inferior) and the Love Comes Quickly 12” over and over (“That’s My Impression” being one of TNeil’s very few “disco punk” vox not to say only) so this week the answer is yes
    3. List, if lists must be made, of songs which are extended grooves over which an attractive-sounding girl speaks conversationally:
    1. Pizzicato Five, “This Year’s Model” (variation: interview format)
    2. Ricardo Villalobos, “Andruic & Japan” (variation: 2 many pillz)
    3. Serge Gainsbourg, “En Melody” (variation: hysterical Birkin laugh)
    4. ???

    4. Also check out Mina’s version!

    Metafilter just did a post rounding up some versions of “Ancora Tu”, which means I get to reblog this post, this time with minimoonstar's commentary. I still love Justine's the best, followed by the Battisti original, and then Marcella Bella’s (which uncovers in all of us the pining Italian lover that’s at the heart of the song), but Roisin Murphy’s newest is no small feat of matter-of-fact, ruthless, stunning romance.

    Wow this post? How long ago was this post??? Cathy how do you find old things on Tumblr you are wizard????

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I am a historian and this is how it happened.


    I am a historian and this is how it happened.

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    In this age of total accessibility of everything, you can’t Netflix this movie, and you can’t download it off of iTunes,” Jann, the film’s director, told BuzzFeed. At the time of publication, a copy of the bare-bones DVD, now out of print, could be purchased on Amazon.com for $60. “This is the ultimate cult movie. You can’t see it. I will loan someone my VHS copy for anyone that’s interested.

    So here’s the thing. I like Drop Dead Gorgeous because I grew up around enough pageants to like pageant movies. (No, I wasn’t in any, but my sister was. I have sat through more loudly belted Melissa Manchester than you know.) I’m also very sympathetic to the “everything isn’t available in the cloud” argument, as you know.

    But in this case it simply isn’t true. A used copy goes on Amazon for about $15, and that’s if you go directly onto the Amazon page. Your next stop would be eBay; and though you’ve got to slog through results for something by the actress who voiced Lois in Family Guy and something I think might be porn, you can buy it for about $10. Or if you go on Google Shopping, eCrater, among other outlets, has one for $2.99.

    There’s “difficult to stream,” there’s “difficult to purchase,” there’s “difficult to acquire, legally or not,” and then there’s “you can’t see it,” and they’re four different degrees of scarcity. “So difficult to encounter, it vanishes from cultural influence” generally happens around 2.5 or 3.