1. Today is capsule review day, apparently.


    T.I. loves this life the way you’d love a chamomile-coated blanket by a fireplace: drowsily, without much movement.

    And Dragonette:

    It’s the right time for a new Dragonette smash. Their Martin Solveig collaboration “Hello” got big enough to crack the U.S. charts, earning Solveig a stash of MDNA tracks and Dragonette a bit more gloss. Arguably, they had that already. So many acts right now sound like them, both in the indie/electronic world–too many examples exist to list, particularly now–and in pop. You could swap songs without much notice between their repertoire and, say, Nicola Roberts’ peppy, yearning pop (some of which Dragonette produced), Marina and the Diamonds’ scoffed-up Stargate or even some of Katy Perry’s fizzier tracks.

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