1. Alpine, “Tough Skin”

    I’m at the stage of adoration with the Catcall record (it was on Fader! and then Pitchfork! people might actually be listening to this outside Australia soon!) where I’m actively looking up other groups on their label. (OK, the SoundCloud the record’s streaming on that has a record label’s name, which I’d say is evidence enough.) This track’s another sleek, synthpop track, the sort that’s starting to exceed the music world’s carrying capacity, but it’s warmer, dreamier; think a more acoustic Little Dragon, perhaps, or (if you’ve humored my incessant talking about the record) a faster-paced Sophie Zeyl. I tend to prefer spikier music anyway — it’s why I’m hesitant to listen to the new Beach House, even though people who’ve actually heard the record might find that really silly to read — and when it’s gorgeous too, that’s even better.