1. Four Details That Made It To Page One Of The NYT’s Fiona Apple Profile Before Anything About The New Record Except The Title

    1. At the SoHo Grand Hotel the management opened up a bar-lounge that’s usually closed in the afternoons for a private interview with Ms. Apple. 

    2. The broad shoulders of a green Steve Madden jacket helped fill out her gaunt figure; she said giving up heavy drinking and adopting a gluten-free diet had made her weight drop sharply.

    3. At 34 Ms. Apple no longer looks like the teenager she was when she released her 1996 debut album, “Tidal.”

    4. Her pale blue eyes have grown even more prominent and striking. Yet she speaks with the voluble ups and downs — pensive, breathlessly eager, giggly — of a young girl. 

    (link) (h/t bmichael)

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