1. 10:03 27th Jun 2012

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    Katherine St Asaph: Charli XCX understands that infatuation’s as much about giddy twitterpation as sheer terror. That’s why the synths patrol like searchlights in a dystopia, why Charli’s every note is clipped, as if she’s trying to tamp down her hyperventilation, and why the chorus is buoyant, the melody and strings and cascading-waterfall effect and love-note lyrics trying to soar over one another, but also a little like admitting defeat — those grim sounds haven’t actually disappeared. Fuck “Call Me Maybe,” rendered useless by “all the other boys try to chase me.” This is the crush song of the decade.

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    Yes: SHOTS FIRED. (“Call Me Maybe” has pretty much plateaued at [7] for me.)