1. I liked this album a LOT more than I expected to.

    Just as the Knife’s Silent Shout comes off like a panicked or triumphant dispatch from some heady fairy tale, Shrines – its lyrics taken from James’ personal journals — evokes that place in the id nurtured by Grimm tales and folklore and where people (specifically, girls) are constantly beset by gruesome terror, where “purity ring” is best understood not as an abstinence pledge but a witchy ritual to ward off demons. Certain images recur — creepers, cliffs, and especially body horror — if a body part shows up, it will almost certainly get maimed by the next bar. “Tear our skin up out from the bottom,” James sings on “Obedear”; “drill little holes into my eyelids,” she continues on “Belispeak.” Even the love song, “Fineshrine,” turns its come-on into something grotesque where you engulf a guy in your “little ribs.” Serenade with care.

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