1. 13:53 30th Jul 2012

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    Kate Bush, “Get Out Of My House” 

    Today, as you should know, is Kate Bush’s birthday. I’ve purposefully limited the amount I write about her on here, both because I stan quite enough for her as it is and because I’m saving a lot for a certain project. (It’s no spoiler to say it used to be a 33 1/3 proposal, even less of a spoiler to say I never actually finished it.)

    That said, this is the greatest song she’s ever written, and the last two minutes or so, I think, is one of the most chilling, ambiguous portrayals of power dynamics in any medium — music, film, literature — in the past few decades. Every time I listen to it, I change my mind about who Kate meant to have the upper hand and who actually does. 

    (There, that was just one paragraph!)

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