1. 13:53 27th Aug 2012

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    Sleigh Bells - “End of the Line”

    On certain days, I think Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is the greatest film ever made. It feels so much like watching one of my own dreams that I often forget I’m watching a movie at all. I know that’s not really a valid criterion for criticism, but there you go; sometimes it really is just about that subjective experience.

    This video feels a little like this, too, though in a different way - more like I’m watching things I once did replayed with the details changed but the essential feeling fixed. It’s something about the light, I think, and the trees, and the roads, that memory of riding a bike through quiet streets and feeling alone when you should feel at peace. It is very good.

    It’s only over the last month or so that I’ve really come to grips with just how devastating a song “End of the Line” is, but this video gets it across. That voice in your head, murmuring: you’re never gonna live this down, you didn’t want it enough, you didn’t want it enough…

    Today in soundtrack songs for imagined final episodes. It’d be a scene staged too busily. The extras would bustle in the background, a human glissando. They’d be in something completely different.