1. 18:20 31st Aug 2012

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    So, admittedly, this is not a typical 3D Na’Tee - most of the joints off The Coronation go harder than this, but anyone who’s listened to me rave about Angel Haze’s ‘Fall for Your Type (Remix)’ or ‘Super Bass’ or whatever knows that I am a total sucker for fluttery crush loveraps, and while this isn’t her best rapping on the album it still shows off her flow pretty decently.

    If you’re more inclined to check out the album because of intense rappity-rap skills or Lex Luger synths, listen to pretty much anything else and I promise you will be very very impressed. If you’re inclined to check out the album because of gorgeous flips of Janet’s ‘Escapade’ decorated with classic drum loops and tambourine samples (My brain is not working right now, but I think it’s Ashley’s Roachclip? It’s not the Amen break. It might be something else.), and light touches of fingerpicked guitar noises, and feeeeelings, then put this on loop.

    This is also great.