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    I kind of think the Carly Rae Jepsen album sounds like it’s put together from Kylie off-cuts (which isn’t a bad thing), but that might just be because Kylie is one of very few pop artists whose career has spanned long enough to include all the influences Jepsen is liberally picking through on the album (80s synthpop, 90s Scandinavian R&B, 2000s filter house).

    This reminds me of a stray CRJ thought I had (I have a lot of these, which I’m not posting 60% to avoid spamming you, 30% because I’m kicking around the idea of writing something more lengthy and 10% for them being Entirely Too Personal Etc.)

    But anyway: it’s interesting (to me) how Kiss is more or less the equivalent of …Baby One More Time (both solo-female-artist bubblegum debuts, both associated with moguls with boy bands, both involving Max Martin, both launched on the strength of one big hit, etc.), down to the album beginning with slap bass. But this time around, beside the likely-contractual duets, either there’s no filler or the filler is a hell of a lot better*.

    * And one of my hobbies is listening to pop filler**, so.

    ** Yes, I know exactly what this says about me. iconapop.gif