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    Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Ke$ha - “Only Wanna Call You Maybe”

    By request from Katherine.



    they’re even about the same subject more or less. 

    ETA: also, this part. CRJ: “Ripped jeans, skin was showing —” Ke$ha: “So?”

    Y’know, part of me is tickled by this kinda thing, but the other part is like, “Duh, everyone, this is what pop music has been like since the 1950s. People don’t mash-up Muddy Waters songs with Robert Johnson songs and go, ‘THEY’RE THE SAAAME SOOOOONGGGG!’” But that’s also because the zeitgeist doesn’t care about Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson all that much (a neverending tragedy in itself).

    Oh, definitely. For me it was more listening to the album and involuntarily humming “Call Me Maybe” over top (because I am that obnoxious person when listening to stuff for the first time, but psyche! I work from home! The only person who hears is the dog that keeps barking!) and thinking “oh man this would be so great with MORE CRUSHING.”

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