1. 12:39 25th Mar 2013

    Notes: 166

    On P2P sites, most things that seemed too good to be true actually were: SEO-baiting, fantasy-football remixes (“Big Pimpin’ Remix [ft. Eminem, Dr. Dre, DMX, Nas, Biggie and Tupac”), “covers” that were actually just the original song (“You Really Got Me” by the Who turned out to just be the Kinks’ version), or painfully obvious amateurs uploading their demos and calling it, say, “Beastie Boys— Intergalactic ALBUM VERSION.” Plenty of mislabels were obvious as soon as you previewed them, so you could simply cancel the download in progress— but this was still annoying. Considering that plenty of Napster and early P2P users had temperamental, slow-as-molasses 56k modems, these kinds of mislabels spelled nothing but frustration; they were wastes of all-too-precious downloading time. Looking back now, though, I find something almost poetic about them— inviting the listener to imagine cross-generational mash-ups and back-from-the-dead collaborations, the titles themselves read like fan fiction in miniature.

    a) As usual, this is very good.

    b) The one I remember most is the fake clip of Sarah Brightman performig the Diva Dance from The Fifth Element. As far as I could tell this was pure wish-fulfillment — but it seemed plausible at the time! (Actually, it probably seems even more plausible now considering she did Repo and all….)

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