1. Roundtable!

  3. Cher Lloyd covered the song. It was pretty great! And it’s apparently a pretty infrequent occurrence for Robyn!

    (also: Pixie Lott, fuck outta here with your title lift.)

  4. In the enviable position of having to cut this roundup by half, because there are just too many people making too much good music. 

  5. And more tracks worth a listen to. (They’re all synthpop; the post also has the new Little Dragon and something from Sleep Thieves’ EP.)


  7. Summary: Kate Nash goes “Bollywood,” appropriation and all, and my thoughts on this are pretty much my thoughts on that.

    EDIT: williambswygart replied to your link: a few words on the new Kate Nash

    Not entirely on topic, but what “reality-show baggage” does Pixie Lott have, exactly? As far I’m aware, she was never on one.

    Good catch — I could’ve sworn there was a show at some point, but it turns out it was just a standard TV-free media blitz. Amended.

    EDIT AGAIN:  girlboymusic replied to your link: a few words on the new Kate Nash

    Wasn’t Pixie Lott on a reality show about kids trying to get on that musical series with Maxxie from Skins?

    Maaaaaayyybe? My research is becoming more and more flimsy by the minute.


    mootpoint replied to your link: a few words on the new Kate Nash

    No, I’m pretty sure Pixie Lott never did a reality show, just British. I think she’s actually talked to press about how she DIDN’T do a reality show like many of her peers.

    Got it.

  8. If you’re wondering why I’ve been losing my shit over every social network in existence, this is why.

  9. On that Grimes/Kreayshawn (sigh)/etc teamup, which reminded me enough of that Odd Future offshoot to do a post on it.

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    (Because she’s on record as hating thinkpieces about herself, and I don’t especially think this is the proper occasion to be a jerk about it.)

    And sure, fine, I got loosey-goosey with sentence length, but still: three bullet points, two sentences per.