1. clambistro:

    A team of scientists have determined this to be the most depressing headline of all time. 

  2. A few days ago, the existence of a project on Kickstarter–a card game where players take the role of a tentacle monster and attempt to rape high school girls called Tentacle Bento–started to attract some attention. After Brandon Sheffield at Insert Credit, and later Luke Plunkett at Kotaku, wrote negatively about the game, Kickstarter cancelled its funding.

    Good on Kickstarter for doing the right thing. They have no obligation to host funding for a game that trivializes rape by turning it into a cutesy game (and also offers as one of the backer rewards the option to put “yourself or your wife/girlfriend” in the game as a target, just putting that out there)

    — You know the expression “I choked on my coffee”? I actually choked on my coffee. (And Gabe from Penny Arcade’s supporting the developers, surprise of the year.)
  3. It’s exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from someone who just covered the legendary Bob Dylan.
    — Yo Idolator, I know it’s probably in your stylebook never to pass up any opportunity to link shamelessly to your former posts, relevance be damned, but you are talking about a penis-shaped cake. This is like comparing apples to cherry bombs.